Natalia Wasiluk or Poland takes over Instagram!

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This girl is definitely underappreciated. In terms of looks she is far better looking than many of the mainstream social media celebrities. Probably because she comes from the Eastern Europe is still keeping her under the limelight. But I truly hope this will change in the very near future because Natalia deserves more. She is quite stunning! Long blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes and an amazing body with slim waist and big boobs.

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Unfortunately there are not that many info about her on the internet. All I was able to find out is that she was born on August 25, but the year is still unknown. She is from Poland and her city of birth is Zgorzelec an old beautiful town at the border with Germany. On her VK account it says that she is searching for a relationship so we might still hope that she is single even though there are some pics where she appears next to a guy.

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Natalia Wasiluk speaks Russian and English besides Polish. So she is definitely a smart girl. And this can also be seen if you scroll down through her Instagram pics where we can see that she promotes all kind of health products in her search for money and fame. Very good for her, I can really appreciate a woman who’s not just standing on her ass waiting for a rich prince charming to provide.

Natalia managed to raise her Instagram account to over 300k followers. That number is not that big but I am pretty sure it will grow very fast in the near future. She is very active, posting very often and the majority of her pics are selfies taken in the mirror.

Take a look at her official page and follow this girl because there are plenty to see there!

Natalia Wasiluk Instagram:

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