Princess Margaret, the younger sister of Queen Elizabeth, was known for her controversial lifestyle, being considered the rebel of the family.
She smoked 60 cigarettes a day, which eventually caused her death. She also consumed large amounts of alcohol every day and she was mischievous with everyone.

The controversial life of Princess Margaret2

Every day, she woke up at around 9 AM. She took breakfast in bed and until 11 o’clock she listened to the radio and read the newspaper.
At 11 o’clock, she went into the shower, where she stayed for an hour. And after this long bath, she arranged her hair and made her makeup.
At 12:30 he went down, asking for a glass of vodka instead of coffee.
At 13:00, lunch was taking place next to her mother, Queen Elizabeth I and other family members. Here every man consumed half a bottle of wine, and the lunch lasted four hours.

It is said that during a visit to the United States, Princess Margaret met with Grace Kelly. Apparently she was not very friendly, because she told her: “you do not look like a movie  star.” Calm, Grace replied, “I was not born a movie star.” During the same visits to America, she also met with actress Elizabeth Taylor.

After studying her from head to toes, she had a new mischievous comment for her, telling her that her engagement ring, received from Richard Burton, was vulgar. Still, people seemed to be patient with the spoiled princess of the British royal family. Taylor, let her try her ring, then asked her if she still seems so vulgar.

At another party, when this was over, and the guests wanted to go home, Princess Margaret told them arrogantly, “No one leaves the party until he gets my permission.”

The controversial life of Princess Margaret

Princess Margaret falls in love, around the age of 20, with a soldier named Peter Townsend. Their love story is made public when, during her sister’s crowning ceremony, she is surprised by the cameras in a very intimate posture with Peter.

It seems that this was the love of her life, and then she would live, followed by an unfulfilled love. That’s because the soldier had a wife he had divorced from, so a possible marriage between Princess Margaret and Peter Townsend was not allowed. The Royal House members also did not accepted the social differences between the two.

Additionally, until the age of 25, Princess Margaret could not marry without her sister’s agreement. The only way to marry him is if she would give up her right to succession to the throne. Princess Margaret refused this, which was the ending of the two of them.

Princess Margaret died in 2002 at the age of 71, after having suffered a stroke. Her health, however, had become increasingly precarious in her last years of life, due to smoking, a vice to which she never gave up.


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